What to write on your blog?

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This article is being made for all those people who get confused when it is time for them to make a blog post.

Okay, so let me get one thing straight, there is no specific topic that I will recommend to you people. What I will say is that everything is a topic. Look at your blog, what do you see? What do you believe can become the best topic in relation to your topic? For example, if your blog is about land mowers, then it’s not recommended to stick to land mowers only. A land mower is a machine that is used to cut grass. Now, think towards the big picture. How many places are there in the world that use land mower, or that can use land mower.

Examples apart, let’s have a look at the basic concepts to like a blog post.

  1. Everything is a topic:

As I said earlier, everything is a topic. The bottle placed in front of me is a good topic. I can see it is empty, that makes me think what can be the best use of an empty bottle.

  1. No one will bite you if you wrote wrong:

Remember it’s your blog, no one will bite you if you wrote something wrong. However, be careful you do not hurt someone’s beliefs. All other things are fine.

  1. Give a solution in your post:

Try to give a practical solution to every problem that you write on. Because no one likes an article that is good but does not gives a practical solution to a problem.

  1. Apologize for the wrong source:

If you ever included a wrong source in your blog, or cited something that was not authentic, update your post.

  1. Keep a flow:

Flow is very important in a blog post. A normal human brain can only digest 70 words. SO, try to make your article flow like water. If it flows, it will rock.

  1. Write in clear and simple language:

Some bloggers either use wording that is too difficult to understand or lacks the simple words, instead they are filled with acronyms and technical jargons. For all those, remember its of no use, we all know that you are excellent in your field but this showing that off will only affect us in understanding what you say. That in result will decrease your worth.

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What to write on your blog?

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What to write on your blog?

This article was published on 2013/08/08