How to Upgrade Your Blog for Maximum Adsense Revenue

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Blogging is one of the easiest means to earn Google Adsense revenue, a blog is like a magazine, which surfers can access, for vital information about a service or product, a quality blog is one that is continually updated, making the readers have a dynamic knowledge about a given product or service, in that case, they will always visit the blog for vital information which is of interest to them,thereby building a regular reader database, and also  regular adsense income.

The Blogger admin set up has made it completely easy for users to follow your blog post, by allowing you integrate, the Blog Followers Gadget or by simply implementing the Gadget which allows blog readers to follow your RSS feeds.

To achieve reasonable Adsense revenue from Blogging, one must consider the amount of traffic you attract to the given blog URL, and also the quality of Google ads, which will appear on your blog, when a web surfer visits it. As for the first reason, the answer is quite clear, because, for your to get tons of traffic to your blog, you must adopt workable online advertisement methods, and make sure you follow the guide lines, for maximum out put. There are very good paid online advertisement methods, like PPC and Social Network advertisements, as well as free advertisement methods like Classified Ads Posting and Article marketing which are also very good means of driving tons of traffic to your blog. After driving thousands of traffic to your website, the job does not stop there, you must ensure that you get quality ads from Google, quality in the sense that, you must build your blog content around high paying keywords, and also make sure, you input some key words in your blog’s HTML, you can do this by entering quality description on the settings tab of your blog Admin panel. Also you will have to create a quality title for your blog, these are all important factors which will allow Google to feed in quality ads to your blog, in relationship with the high paying key words, which are all over your blog content as well as the HTML script of your blog.

It is true that some persons make huge revenue from Google Adsense, while some others don’t even make up to $5 in a month, this is true because, it is only those persons, that have their blog content created from high paying key words, that will achieve a high CPC, this simply means a higher Cost Per Click, while some niche keywords pay you from 0.01Cents- 0.05cents, some other high paying niche key words, can give you up to 0.10 cents- 0.99 cents/ click this means, if you can drive a total of 30,000 visitors to your website monthly, and you could only convert 10% click through rate, then you could be talking  of making up to close to $3000/month, if your blog is built with high paying keywords.

Making money from Adsense can prove to be an uphill task, but if you understand how to get around the corners, then you would realize that Google Adsense can really pay your bills, and you could say bye, bye to 9-5 jobs.

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How to Upgrade Your Blog for Maximum Adsense Revenue

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How to Upgrade Your Blog for Maximum Adsense Revenue

This article was published on 2012/04/19