How to Design your blog, for higher Google Adsense revenue.

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Though Blogging is relatively easy, because of the very friendly Blogger’s interphase which Google has created in other to assist inter net newbie, as well as those that are unskilled in web designing to upload content into the internet, with little or no hassles, making maximum Adsense revenue from your blog, may require you to understand some certain technicalities in designing your blog in order to achieve a greater CTR, which will translate into higher Adsense pay.

First of all, while creating your blog, you must ensure to select a simple template, you will see this in the Blogger’s template gallery, simply click on simple. Why I recommend the simple template, is for you to be able to implement all the instructions this article will provide for you, with very little efforts, even if you are not a professional webmaster. After creating the blog, you will now have to start packing with contents, make sure your blog design, allows s layout, which will allow you input some Adsense codes, on the left hand side of your blog, in this case, the ads, will easily catch the eye of the reader.

Secondly, you must ensure to select Google ads, that have the same design, color and font-family, as well as font-size of your blog’s content, this will allow surfers that visit your blog to click on this ads, looking at it like same as your web content, without knowing they are navigating Google ads, even if they get to know they are  ads from Google, but they must have clicked on it, and possibly they will find in it, what they were looking for, or the information the seek for. When implementing the Google Adsense on your blog, using the Adsense gadget make sure, you choose match template, so that the ads, will come up as similar to your blog content text characters as well as text colors.

The 120x600 or 160x600 ad sizes, are the best for the left hand side of your blog, research has shown that they are the best ads to display on this position, as well as the highest converting Google Adsense ad size. On the field which requires you to select Text ads and image ads, choose only text ads, because it carries more ads information, as well as it has a better CTR rate, than image ads. A maximum of 3 Google Adsense ad units can be displayed on your blog at a time so you must ensure to position them in the most strategic location to attract more clicks from your blog readers.

Designing a quality blog is not at all difficult, following these simple details carefully, you are certainly on your path to a huge Google Adsense pay.

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How to Design your blog, for higher Google Adsense revenue.

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How to Design your blog, for higher Google Adsense revenue.

This article was published on 2012/04/19