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Whether you already have your own wodpress blog up and working, or you're planning on launching a blog of your own, here's one of the best tips - and one of the most important facets to maintaining a blog that I think anyone could give you - Make sure to backup your blog! There are a number of wordpress backup plugin solutions out there, that will create an whole backup of your blog, your posts, your comments and the total database.

You spend hrs, days, weeks and if you're an established blogger, you've probably spent years on creating compelling, informative and useful content for your visitors. A lot of hard work and sweat has gone in to making your blog the go to destination on your chosen topic. As a fellow blogger myself, I know all about putting all of individuals man hours of relooking, writing, getting links and people to talk about my blog posts is hard work - and lots of it. And you have to protect it. Your blog is your existence on the web. The place your visitors go when they want updates or are seeking for information in the lookup engines. regularly backing up your blog to avoid any possibility of losing all of your hard work is very important, and all it normally requires is a wordpress backup plugin.

Let me tell you a story. Last summer I had been away on vacation and was posting daily updates about my trip on my blog. On one of the last days of my vacation, I went to to log in and give a run down of my trip so far, only to find out that I couldn't. My whole blog had been wiped. There was a index mistake, and all my contents, posts, comments - everything - was all gone. I was shocked, angry and upset. I contacted my host suitable away to see if there was anything that I could do to try and save all of the hard work I had put into the blog. There wasn't. I didn't have any backups of my site at all. everything I had labored for was lost. They tried to repair the index (it's what contains all of the posts and comments, etc...) but it was no use. I was out of luck, and all that work had gone down the drain because of some silly databases error - not even my fault.

As I wrote on Backup Creator Review, I had to start all over again, from scuff. My only but of luck in this whole situation was that I commonly wrote my posts offline, in a text editor, so I had at the very least some of my content on my computer, and could re-post it again to my blog. But as you can imagine, all of my pages that were ranking hight in the lookup engines were now gone, endless 404 mistakes when people tried to visit. The first thing I did once I set the blog up again was to install a wordpress backup plugin. A wordpress backup plugin lets you backup every aspect of your blog, even the repository. It will save it to your server or to your computer, and should you ever have a situation where your blog gets corrupted or your web host has an issue, you have a full backup that you can clone and install.

I use the wordpress backup plugin from, and it is the best investment I have ever made. Backup creator will create an complete backup of your blog immediately. From the posts to the repository, to comments made by visitors and all of your themes and plug ins. With backup creator you can also move your blog to a new host just as effortlessly as you would write your next blog post. Their clone-it technologies lets you "clone" your total setup, and then migrate it to a new web host. All of those sophisticated features aside, this wordpress backup plugin protects your hard work. In the event anything happens, you'll be ready with a backup in hand, and your visitors won't even know anything happened.

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Backup Creator Review

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This article was published on 2011/09/04