3 Tips to Jump-Start Your Blogging Success

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As a new blogger, you probably have many questions about how to build a successful blog that your readers enjoy, as well as one that has the potential to become profitable.  Blogging is fast becoming the #1 way to get your name out there, to build your reputation as an authority in your chosen niche.  You know what a blog is, you know that you need to post on it often, but where do you go from there?

Here are a few tips to help jump-start your blogging success:

Write great content!  This is where many people get stuck.  Sure, writing the first few posts is easy, but then what do you do?  You can't think of anything new to write about; you're in a rut.  In your spare time, read other blogs in your niche.  Visit forums and see what everyone is talking about.  There are endless ways to get inspired by simply doing a little research!

Don't try to write like an expert – unless you are one.  The majority of people who visit your blog want content that is valuable, interesting and easy to digest.  When you try to use big words or technical terms in order to look like you know what you're talking about, you may just find you bore people to tears (besides the fact they may not know what those words mean either).  Most readers want to enjoy what they are reading, not spend their time trying to dissect what you are trying to say.  Keep it simple, that's the best policy.

Promote your hard work!  Don't stop after adding a new post to your blog, start building those incoming links.  Linkbuilding is an essential aspect of SEO!  Take your posts, re-write them a bit and submit to article directories, creating one link to your home page and one to your new post.  Be sure to link to your blog in relevant forums where you participate often!

Blogging isn't that hard, especially if you enjoy your topic.  Sometimes we tend to "over-think" things a bit; we make posting harder than it has to be.  Offer helpful tips and advice, include some of your own weird sense of humor occasionally, and don't be afraid to speak your mind!  Keep these tips in mind, and enjoy a successful blogging career.

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3 Tips to Jump-Start Your Blogging Success

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This article was published on 2011/05/19